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We Stand for Social Justice

Updated: May 31, 2020

A Message from the Leadership of the

Arizona Asian American Pacific Islander Democratic Caucus

In an incident that has become all too familiar, we grieve the death of George Floyd at the hands of four police officers, who were sworn to protect and serve. We condemn the actions of the officers responsible for this senseless murder and demand that they be held accountable for their actions. We ask that the Minneapolis legal community charge these officers quickly and administer swift justice.

We also express dismay that their conduct tarnishes the many other members of law enforcement committed to upholding the high standards their roles require.

Racial biases, disparities and oppression continue to put our African American brothers and sisters in imminent danger simply for being black. This must stop NOW.

Too often, we find ourselves outraged, grieving, shaking our heads in hopeless despair, wondering when and how we can stop such inherent racism. We must act now - and do our best - to help change the attitudes and systems that allow such tragedies and hateful actions to persist. Law enforcement leaders must work with citizens from communities of color to develop and enact real reforms to build and sustain trust between ALL police and the people they serve.

We call upon our AAPI members and friends to lead with our hearts and come together in solidarity with the African American community and all communities of color. Together, we must stop all forms of racism, inequities and bias. We cannot let fear, lies, anger and hopelessness divide us.

Let us stand united for social justice in big and small ways …

  • talk to your family about racism

  • confront your own biases

  • contact your elected officials

  • challenge racist behaviors

  • donate to an organization that fights injustice

  • learn about our diverse histories, culture and values

  • speak out on social media

  • cast your ballot on election day

Our voices, our stories and our votes can be our greatest weapons to fight injustice and to change hearts and minds. We must demand that African Americans and all marginalized people are seen, heard, appreciated and included in the fabric and cultural structures of a new and better American society.

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