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Our members represent the diverse Asian American and Pacific Islander communities throughout the state. Not and AAPI? No problem! We're open to anyone who supports our mission and would like to understand AAPI perspectives in today's political environment. Annual dues are only $15!


Young voters hold the key to making Arizona a more welcoming state for all people. Students active in Young Democrats or other progressive clubs and organizations are welcome to bring your energy to our caucus and bring the caucus to your conversations. We would love to be included in your endeavors, speak with your clubs, participate in your events and learn what matters to you! Student membership is $5 per year.



Are you an AAPI Democrat running for office? Are you looking for AAPI support? We want to get to know you! Our caucus can help your campaign reach voters in critical AAPI communities. Candidates who are members of our caucus may utilize our communication networks, and others can take advantage of our sponsored forums, events and endorsements to promote your candidacy.



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